Safe systems for the healthcare sector

Over many years we are likely to enjoy good health. But when health troubles arise, it is advisable to have good helpers by one’s side. The healthcare sector and the world of senior citizens are important segments in our society.

Our innovative Over-Bed-Table has turned out to be a real all-rounder, as it was specifically developed for the healthcare sector. Long series of tests in daily real-life routine preceded the development in order to find the appropriate lifting systems, arm lengths and attachments.

In doing this, it was essential to have the best specialists in the USA cooperate with us. Thus, our Over-Bed-Table meets the highest requirements in the healthcare sector.

Feeling well – a special kind of healthcare A lazy holiday on the sofa with all sorts of books and delicatessen imaginable?

The Over-Bed-Table is an ideal companion for relaxing moments. It adapts to all situations. The stable and lightweight design makes it easy to adjust to your liking. Colour and design can be adjusted to suit your needs.