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Modular system

In detail: the components

Our height adjustable desktop frames consist of high-quality, powder-coated steel elements that are individually set out below. The principle: two cantilever feet for stability, two lift columns for smooth adjustment and a desktop frame to securely support the desktop.

If the desk is to be moved into the desired position electrically, a manual switch is needed to operate it. If no electricity is to be used, a mechanical drive system in the form of a gas spring can be selected. The desk is then operated via a manual release.

A wide range of designs and options can be selected with the clever modular system so that the desk can be optimally adapted to the individual working situation.

Desktop frame

The desktop frame must be reliably stable, which is why it consists of a tubular frame running down the centre and the two desktop supports positioned on the left and right. The biggest forces are exerted on the connecting point between the desktop frame and column, which is why the structure of the desktop frame is so critical for its stability.

In addition, it is the main connecting element between the columns and the desktop and at the same time the support for the desktop, which is securely bolted to frame – unless a sliding desktop frame is selected. Important attachment parts such as cable ducts, CPU brackets or bag hooks can be nicely attached to the desktop frame.

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Lift columns

The following looks and designs are available for the columns:

  • Two- or three-part telescopic profile
  • Square, circular and rectangular columns
  • Rectangular aluminium columns
  • Version 1, tapered upwards
  • Version 2, tapered downwards (upside down, predominantly for the Scandinavian region)

Thanks to their linear guides, the lift columns not only make the desk robust, but also adjust the height smoothly and quietly. This can be done electrically by means of a motor integrated in the column or manually by means of a gas spring.

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Square        Upside Down     Circular        Rectangular       Rectangular aluminium

Control units

The control unit regulates the travel speed (how quickly the desk travels) and the travel range, and is equipped with a collision detection function: ‘Shelf stop’ collision protection travelling upwards; ‘Container stop’ collision protection travelling downwards.

The control unit and power supply are located externally in a box beneath the desktop.

On next-generation lift columns, the control unit is installed directly within the columns.

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Control unit Control Basic

Manual switches

In short: which manual switches are the right ones for the configuration?

For electric height adjustment:

  • Standard manual switch with raising/lowering function
  • Comfort manual switch with additional memory buttons and an LCD for displaying the height
  • Multifunctional manual switch with LED display and menu navigation with visualised height (distance from the floor to the bottom edge of the desktop). Up to six positions can be stored with the memory function, errors can be reported and the locking function can prevent the desk from moving when a button is accidentally pressed.
  • The manual switch can be located beneath the desktop or installed flush on the surface of the desk.

For mechanical height adjustment:

  • In terms of manual releases for gas spring systems, there is a choice between a handle-like model or a toggle switch located on the underside of the desktop.

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Design Comfort Slide manual switch

Manual release for gas spring systems

Cantilever feet

The cantilever feet ensure the desk is stable and secure. The length of the cantilever feet is dependent on the maximum depth of the desktop. There are various versions adapted to the shape of the columns – the column can be countersunk flush in the cantilever foot or mounted symmetrically (T design) or asymmetrically (C design) on the foot.

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Slim cantilever feet

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