Our vision

becomes science

Not so long ago, doing something for your health while at work was considered a utopian concept. This has now turned into a discipline backed by science that not only makes it possible to work efficiently and ergonomically but actually essential.

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Our mission

You can do more!

We want the workspace to adapt to your individual needs and circumstances in every situation – not the other way around.

With a wide range of state-of-the-art, high-end ergonomic desks, we are facilitating modern working methods precisely where they are needed: when working, learning and researching – for greater enjoyment, energy and performance. You are made of more than you think!

Our mission

Individual solutions

The modern approach to work requires smart ideas in terms of flexibility and modularity. With our modular systems, the perfect solution for the right workspace can soon be found – in the office or home office.

And if our extensive range of models doesn’t quite cover your needs, then our in-house prototype development team can help with customised development that can then be mass-produced.

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Our aim

Responsible power

We take responsibility for everything we do. That is why we manufacture our products in Germany and pay special attention to ensuring that they are both sustainable and long-lasting.

This starts with the materials and by no means ends with the sophisticated mechanics. Our employees play an essential part in our success and guarantee our high standards.


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