The illustration shows people on the move in a modern office situation


Keep moving!

Nowadays in particular, everyday office life involves a lot of sitting. This calls for desk frames that can quickly produce the ergonomically important flow at the right moment and quickly adapt to requirements.


Great products for little people

There is a spirit of optimism spreading across global education systems. And rightly so. Modern teaching concepts have adopted the latest insights for effective learning and switching between sitting and standing in the classroom is definitely part of it all.

A photo of 5 children with school books in hand.


New dynamic in the room

Ergonomics is also a strong topic outside of the workplace. At home, in the lounge area and wherever physical activity makes sense and is good for us.


Hard work calls for robust desks

Hard work calls for robust desks. Maximum resilience and reliability are needed in everyday industrial settings.

Die Illustration shows a colorful graphic of an industrial factory