What is a reset?
A reset balances the height between the motor-driven guide columns and the control unit.

How does a reset work?
The reset is started by simultaneously holding down the raise and lower buttons. The motor-driven columns will then travel at reduced speed to the reset point located in the centre of the adjustment range. Continue to press and hold both buttons until both columns come to a stop. A short movement in the opposite direction ends the reset process.

How do I reset my desk to factory settings?
• Start the process by simultaneously pressing and releasing the raise and lower buttons.
• Now hold down the raise/lower buttons for ten seconds
• The LED is red. When it starts to flash, you can release both buttons.
• The system has now been reset to factory settings.

The gas-lift desk no longer locks in place. What can I do?
Adjust the Bowden cable on the manual release. If this does not solve the problem, please contact our technical support team: +49 (0)7023 108 0349

How heavy is the desk?
You can find the relevant information in the corresponding product data sheet.

How thick does the desktop need to be?
The frame requires a desktop thickness of 25 mm.

Can I also have a corner desk?
The add-on set is available for the Compact Set.

Is there a cable management tray on the desk?
No, but it can be purchased as an accessory.

Does the display switch off when not in use?
The display automatically switches off after five seconds.


I have questions about your products. Can someone help me?
We will be pleased to help you. Either call us on +49 (0)7023 1080 or send an email to ergonomics@kesseboehmer.de


Why is sport alone insufficient for counteracting the negative consequences of sitting for too long?
An adult is awake for 17 hours on average. Eleven of those hours are spent sitting down. If the seated activity is not interrupted at regular intervals, sitting can become a real health risk. The lack of exercise not only considerably damages our spine, but also leads to a lack of concentration and impaired performance. Contrary to popular opinion, regular sport is also unable to compensate for sitting all day. The harmful effect of long-term inactivity outweighs it.

Briefly, why does investing in a desk for sitting and standing pay off?
Backache is the most widespread complaint among the population. According to a representative study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, German companies suffer annual losses of around 35 million euros due to absence attributable to backache alone. Investing in height-adjustable desks is thus an effective way of reducing costs associated with illness and absence, while simultaneously increasing the satisfaction and productivity of employees.

What is the optimal height of the desk when working while sitting and standing?
The right desk height is determined by your individual body measurements. The lengths of the lower leg, torso and upper arm are important factors; the height alone plays no part. In other words, three different desk heights could be ergonomically suitable for three people of the same height.

How do I determine the optimal desk height when sitting?

If your office chair has armrests that have been individually adjusted to suit your physique, then the right desk height is at the same height as the armrests. Ideally, the surfaces of the armrests and the desk will form one continuous level.

If your office chair does not have armrests, then your average upright sitting position is key in determining the ergonomic desk height. Choose a height that allows you to relax your shoulder and neck muscles when you are sitting at your desk. The spine should remain effortlessly upright. The lower arms should either rest horizontally on the desk or drop slightly onto it at the wrist. The angle between your upper and lower arm should therefore be 90° or a little more.

How do I determine the optimal desk height when standing?
The optimal desk height is now based on your torso or upper arm length. Stand a slight distance away from the edge of the desk and place your lower arms on the desktop. The right desk height is achieved when the pectoral girdle remains straight and relaxed without hanging down or being drawn up towards the ears.

Why is ergonomics in the workplace so important?
The success of any work is inextricably linked to the human factor. If a person is restricted by insufficient movement or a constantly rigid posture while working, this not only diminishes their performance curve. There is also a risk of permanently damaging the muscles and spine, leading to serious health problems. An ergonomically designed workspace, meanwhile, minimises the stress placed on the human body during the work process, while simultaneously optimising the efficiency of the individual without them exhibiting signs of fatigue or suffering any adverse health effects.


How are products delivered?
Smaller deliveries are sent via parcel post. We use a haulage firm if three or more frames are ordered.

Is it possible to deliver outside Germany?
Yes, goods from our shop are also delivered to Austria and Switzerland.


Upon receipt of my goods, they had obvious defects. How can I lodge a complaint?

For complaints and enquiries about spare parts, please use our complaints form.

Alternatively, you can call us on +49 (0)7023 1080 or send an email to ergonomics@kesseboehmer.de

How long are products guaranteed for?
The statutory guarantee period of two years applies.

Business enquiries

I am a business customer. Can I request a quote?
Of course! Simply write to ergonomics@kesseboehmer.de and we will send you a quote with no obligation on your part.

I am a private customer. Can I buy my desk from you?
No, there is no possibility to buy our products as a private customer.

Can I test and buy KET in-store?
Not at the moment. It is currently only possible to buy it online.

Can I view the desk anywhere beforehand?
No, our desk frames can only be viewed and purchased online.