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The latest from Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik: GRAVIT iDESK

Individuality knows no bounds even when you’re at your desk. With GRAVIT iDESK, you have a desk that not only adapts to your height but also to your home. Design your desk to suit your taste – make it your own!

Using the design configurator, you can style your desk top in just a few steps by adding your favourite image or photo and experimenting to see what would best suit your home. The idea is to allow you to design your desk freely and individually, just as you would a surfboard, and to give free rein to your unique creativity.

You are also free to choose the size and level of flexibility. The desk tops are available in four different lengths, with electric height adjustment. This means you can transform your desk into a standing desk in a matter of seconds at the touch of a button, making it easy to change your working posture. Particularly when working from home, this is an added value that will quickly increase your energy levels and concentration.

The height-adjustable GRAVIT iDESK is the ideal blend of stability and design. Highest quality, Made in Germany – because only those who think responsibly are able to act sustainably in the long term.

Want to find out more? Enjoy a one-time 10% discount on your first order with the code “GRAVITIDESK2020”.

For more information on the GRAVIT iDESK, please visit