TM R40 Hydro-Lift

Adjustment range: 500-750 mm

Drive: compression spring

Guide: Special plastic slide bearing, secured against twisting

Lift: 250 mm

Load capacity: 10 kg incl. table top

Table top:
max. Ø 500, 500 × 500 mm

Lifting columns for lounge area Power-free, environmentally friendly and maintenance-free – the benefits of pneumatic lift systems are obvious. The TM Q51 and TM R40 lounge tables offer another benefit in terms of ease of use – both series feature a special compression spring, known as hydro-lift technology. The special hold function inside the column ensures that the table can be locked at any height. Simply pressing or lifting the table top by hand is all it takes to adjust the height quickly and continuously.

Maximum comfort with absolute freedom of design: the lifting columns can be freely selected in square or round form, along with the colour of the decorative sheet, which can be individually adapted to the customer’s colour concept.