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Recommended reading “OFFICE PIONEERS – Ausblicke auf das Büro 2030” (What will the office look like in 2030?)


Writing as a guest author in OFFICE PIONEERS, Oliver Spahn, Managing Director of Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik, sums up the consequences of disruptive digitalisation

blankWhat will the office look like in 2030? How will people work in these offices? How are the global pandemic, advancing digitalisation and working from home influencing the paradigm shift that is taking place with increasing pace? Robert Nehring, publisher at Prima Vier Verlag, puts these key questions to 58 leading figures in the office sector and summarises their fascinating insights under the title OFFICE PIONEERS.

As guest author, Oliver Spahn contributes his thoughts on the subject and addresses the consequences of disruptive digitalisation in his article Bit, Byte, Büro. After the COVID pandemic massively slowed down growth and sustainable development throughout the office furniture industry, he urges companies to take the achievements that office furniture manufacturers have fought for over decades promoting ergonomic and healthy workplaces and transfer them to the post COVID era.

This comprehensive approach, which not only provides an individually adapted workplace but also digitalises it, constitutes the unique expertise of the office sector. According to Spahn, this extensive experience provides a great opportunity to actively shape the new world of work and is the decisive advantage over competitors from the home furniture industry.

“OFFICE PIONEERS, Ausblicke auf das Büro 2030: Visionen. Chancen. Herausforderungen.” will be available in German as a book and e-book from 01 October 2020. For more information, see: