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There is a pioneering spirit in our worldwide education systems! New concepts and new curriculums are coming into the classrooms. With them the requirements for classroom equipment change, too. Flexibility and individual adjustments are on demand.

In the educational field, the effect of ergonomic school furniture is quite multifaceted: Here the basis and the consciousness for a healthy posture are created. Concentration, learning aptitude and creativity were proven to be positively influenced.

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In Europe there is a pronounced North-South divide: In the Scandinavian countries the idea of ergonomic furniture is deeply rooted, even in kindergarten. There ergonomically adjustable furniture are part of the basic equipment.

Therefore, Kesseböhmer Ergonomics has intensively researched the local situation and come up with an innovative solution. It turned out to be that each pupils’ wish was to have individual tables which could be easily moved to form group tables.

The result: A robust, resilient and affordable solution, consisting of an individually adjustable table with one column and a gas spring. It does not depend on power and can therefore be used everywhere in the world.

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