Hard work requires robust tables

In everyday industrial operation, the highest levels of resilience and reliability are expected. Therefore our tables are true weightlifting world champions! Based on four columns they can carry up to 400 kg, and that is at every desired height.

Particularly on assembly workstations in shift operations where different employees work in the same space, it is ideal to be able to adjust the table height for each employee individually. This ensures an optimal work flow even when high weight loads are involved.

At the limit Height-adjustable systems give you a lot of freedom to expand your planning latitude. There are no limits in this respect. Entire workstations can be equipped with integrated height-adjustable systems. Special top attachments, as they are required for industrial electronics, mechatronics and production technology applications, can be optimally combined.

A special control technology enables multiple platforms to be adjusted precisely and synchronously. You have the challenge – we have the solution!

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Kesseböhmer Ergonomics