Office furniture – made to measure

The new Hightower will meet all your expectations for high-performance and good looking office furniture.

Our motto: Reduce to the Max! The Hightower gives you a modular organizational system with a very small footprint that can be customized to suit your individual requirements.

A Hightower is versatile. You choose and configure shelves, drawers, hanging file elements and lockable storage to suit your requirements. And a Hightower can even be used by two people from different sides. One gentle pull and the entire contents slide effortlessly out of the cabinet giving you a clear view and instant access to everything. Damped self-closing is standard, so that even heavily laden units close softly and noiselessly.

Configure your Hightower now…

"Flexible, compact, customized, adaptable and ergonomic. These are distinctive features of all the elements of a new generation of office furnishings made in Germany."

Kesseböhmer Ergonomics

Committed to ergonomic design

One major innovation is the complete planning freedom. There’s no more need to plan separately for right- or left-accessible units, because the box elements can be attached and accessed from either side. The modular system elements offer a lot of options, making a Hightower simple and quick to organize – and to reorganize when requirements change. A Hightower naturally satisfies all the ergonomically relevant criteria. It’s available in 2 depths (50 / 75 cm) or simply as a filing stack.

Hightower – the latest thing in office storage!