Control Systems: stunningly clever

At first glance it is only a blink of the eye from operating the switch to the movement of the tabletop – irreplaceable in this process, however, is our intelligent control. A programmable and independently operating control system ensures the trouble-free function of all motor-driven Kesseböhmer products.

Be it one column or several – the new control boxes “SMART” and “liECO+” can adjust up to three columns evenly and at the same time. With a record-breaking speed of up to 50 mm per second the control boxes manage to bring the columns to your desired height. If more columns are required, the “liECO+” system provides the option of linking several controls with one another.

During the development of our new drive technology, we moved the reset point of our lift columns to the centre. This means that, should a reset be required, all objects located underneath the tabletop, such as containers or stationary substructures, do not have to be removed beforehand. In addition, this layout leads us to achieve a higher flexibility in designing attachment parts such as cantilever feet and tabletop frames, because the adjusting range of the columns can be tuned to fit the height of the components.

Another novelty in the area of control systems is the collision protection sensor built into all „Safety“-columns. As soon as a collision is recognized, the control will immediately reverse the direction of the movement and can therefore prevent damage to objects and the surroundings. The option of programming the control flexibly offers maximum comfort for any requirement.

The compact size of the control box enables it to be integrated into the final product almost invisibly. Thus, it can be implemented in cable ducts, underneath tabletops or fully invisible behind a panel.

In terms of operating elements, we can offer you a number of options: You may choose from the easy-to-use handset “TOUCHbasic DN”, the “TOUCHdown” control with memory-function and touch display or even a remote control set. With an energy consumption of less than 0.3 W in standby mode, our new control boxes make a valuable contribution with regard to energy efficiency and sustainable construction.

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