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OFFICE PIONEER Oliver Spahn: Bit, Byte, Büro. (Bit, Byte, Office)


Oliver Spahn sums up the consequences of disruptive digitalisation in the collection of articles entitled “OFFICE PIONEERS: Ausblicke auf das Büro 2030” (What will the office look like in 2030?).

blankThe new digital world of working from home has caused rapid, disruptive changes in almost all areas of life, with far-reaching consequences for the entire office furniture industry. What are the challenges, where does new potential lie?

Read the views of Oliver Spahn, Managing Director of Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik GmbH, in his article „Bit, Byte, Büro. Die Folgen disruptiver Digitalisierung.(Bit, Byte, Office. The consequences of disruptive digitalisation)“ from the collection of articles “OFFICE PIONEERS: What will the office look like in 2030?”

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