Lift: 650 mm

Load capacity: 80 kg incl. monitor attachment

Colour: white (9010), silver (9980), black (9011)

Drive: internal electric motor

Collision protection: integrated FSR sensor

Optional: electrical supply, LAN, USB integrated in column

Be it in meetings, workshops or seminars, iSpot makes ergonomic sense and facilitates interactive communication. Monitors of up to 84 inches can be installed quickly and conveniently on the robust frame.

The electrification is integrated in the columns. Be it via LAN, electricity or USB, each device can be supplied with power independently. Without any jumble of cables. The cables are managed out of sight in a cable duct, which is directed behind the columns. The iSpot can be easily rolled into the next conference room on its four castors and simply needs a power socket to be reused. Flexible usage, flexible for presenter. With a lift of 650 mm, the frame adapts individually to the user’s ergonomic needs, whether they are standing or sitting. The desired height can be set in an instant using an infrared remote control or smart voice control.