FC Model

Adjustment speed: 50 mm/s

Load capacity: 800 N from top edge of column, total of 1000 N for two-column frame

Collision protection: APS, optional FSR sensor (integrated in column)

Lift: 650 mm

Drive: internal electric motor

Column shape: round, rectangular, square / aluminium columns

Transport-optimised, foldable

With our innovative FC “Foldable Columns” model series the guide columns are mounted on the table top support in a rotary axis so that they only need to be folded vertically during assembly and tightened with two screws on each side. This ensures rapid assembly and disassembly and also significantly increases storage capacity.

Cost efficiency that carries into transportation. Due to the flat volumes, there is no expensive shipping of bulky table structures. A sophisticated system that adapts to customer demands with freely selectable column shape – round, square or rectangular.