Quality knows no compromises

The base systems by Kesseböhmer Ergonomics stand for safety, quality and speed in changing between positions. Electromotive, gas spring, ratchet and crank – we have developed the right adaptation mechanism for any requirements profile. The table height can be adjusted within seconds and even be stored in case of the electric module.

In our manufacturing we are vigilant about the highest levels of precision and quality. Our continuous quality management guarantees the highest quality – 100% made in Germany! No product leaves our premises without test and quality certificates.

There is a reason why we are ahead!

In recent years there has been a rapid increase in the number of newly developed materials and control technology. Here it is our task to find the best materials and use these to come up with innovations. Kesseböhmer components provide the basis for our customers’ perfect designs and products.

Our engineers continuously use our own Kesseböhmer design laboratory to review the best materials, create the perfect design and use the latest physical findings. Breath-taking innovations are the result. Extensive material tests precede a new design. During the development process, all products undergo elaborate test and load sequences which are aimed at taking the material to the limits of their resilience.

The result: Leading systems in terms of precision, noise and material characteristics.