The proper ergonomic living conditions is half the battle won

Nothing hurts, your back feels strengthened and you’re in the mood to do something! A nice vision which many people cannot put into practice. Long periods of sitting and tension during work are pure poison for muscles and the spine. The monotonous body posture leads to fatigue and loss of concentration.

A good ergonomic situation at the workplace cannot guarantee one’s health, but it can contribute a great deal to the well-being of people. For example height-adjustable systems which enable us to discover a flexible way of working and living.

For many years, Kesseböhmer Ergonomics has beenleading the development of flexible lift systems in order to create an optimal ergonomic situation in  workplaces and in living environments.

"Ergonomics – the science of the optimization of human working and living conditions to prevent health problems."

Kesseböhmer Ergonomics

The human spine…

… has undergone a long period of development and is a fascinating component in our body. It can withstand incredible forces and is tremendously flexible. For us adults, back pain is the number one disease in the population. In Germany alone several billion euros are spent every year to cover
absenteeism and treatments.

However, very often it is the small measures that we can take preventively which would enormously increase the probability of living a healthy and carefree life without any back problems.

This keeps us moving and fascinates us!


Minor cause – major effect:

  • Relief of spine and intervertebral disks
  • Prevention of postural deformities
  • Fewer health complaints
  • Greater physical capacities of employees
  • Increase in concentration
  • Work environment can be adjusted to the individual