Our powerful environmental performance package is called liECO

An innovative system that meets all the criteria of a modern and sustainable corporate management: saving resources, using energy efficiently and providing a long service life.

The recyclability of the materials is ensured. Thus respectful treatment of our environment already begins at the production stage.

liECO – The new control

Small, light-weight, powerful and energy-efficient – this is the liECO control that fully meets the requirements for environmentally safe and standard-compatible control systems. Its flat and extremely light-weight design improves not only the legroom directly underneath the tabletop, but also facilitates easy and reliable installation through conventional screwdriving and adhesive technology.

With its energy-saving function in standby mode and reduced power consumption, the liECO control supports environmental protection and cuts operating costs.

We comply with the standard!

Kesseböhmer Ergonomic’s products are already today represented in the so-called “Green Building”. For this, strict criteria must be met.

For example the “Green Footprint“ requirement. All components of our products come from within a perimeter of less than 600 km. This is positive for the environment and helps us all to keep the costs down.

We see sustainable production as a chance for all of us – from an ecologic and an economic point of view!